May 24, 2013

One for the Money

by Janet Evanovich
ages: adult
First sentence: "There are some men who enter a woman's life and screw it up forever."
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While I've been aware of the powerhouse that Janet Evanovich is (that woman puts out a least a book a year!), I've never really had that desire to read her. Perhaps it's because of my NY Times-best seller aversion, or perhaps it's because I rarely do mysteries. But whatever the reason, I only picked one up because a nice woman in my (now-defunct) in-person book group insisted she was a lot of fluffy fun.

So, for those under the rock (I don't know how many of you are there): Stephanie Plum is an out-of work, divorced, nearly 30-something woman in Trenton, New Jersey. She's not been able to find a new job, and she's run out of things to hock for rent money, so she turns to her cousin Vinnie, who runs a bail bond company. She takes on the biggest case she could: apprehending former cop Joe Morelli, who's been accused of murder. Of course he's innocent -- we can't have the sexy cop be guilty, now, can we? -- and Stephanie gets herself in some deep trouble -- rapists and murderers, oh my --  as she tries to bring Morelli in.

The woman was right: this is fluff. I don't think I felt my IQ falling while reading it, but I didn't find much redeeming about it, either. Except maybe her portrait of Trenton in the mid-90s? I also didn't find that I was enthralled by it, either. I would read a few chapters, put it down and read a few books before looking at it and thinking, "Yeah, I probably ought to read a bit more."  Maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea. But, honestly: I don't see the appeal of this series (Eighteen books? Really?). One is more than enough for me.

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CarrieM said...

I finally read it last year, and felt--meh. It kind of seems like a book for people who don't like them.