February 11, 2013

Audiobook: To Kill a Mockingbird

by Harper Lee
Read by Sissy Spacek
ages: adult
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I'm not going to sum this one up; everyone has read it already. So here are my thoughts from listening to this one for the first time since high school.

1. They say the n-word a lot. A lot. And, while I understand that it was part of the south in the 1930s, it sure made me uncomfortable.

2. I had to keep reminding myself that not everyone in the south is like most people in this book. That we need more Atticuses and Scouts and Jems and Boo Radleys in this world and less Bob Ewells.

3. That said, Sissy Spacek's Southern drawl was just delightful. I got out of the car many a time speaking Southern myself.

4. Not much happens in the book, which surprised me. Check that: two Really Big Things happen, but in between it's a lot of daily life, a lot of character sketches. And I wasn't bored. Which also really surprised me.

5. I want to be a parent like Atticus. I sometimes wish my girls could have childhoods like Jem and Scout did.

6. Anyone who says that courts are fair is lying. Still. And that made me sad. Tom Robinson was TOTALLY innocent.

7. I think I finally understand the title now. It wasn't something I remembered from before.

8. I'm so glad I decided to reread it. I hadn't remembered much from the book at all, and it was delightful rediscovering this classic.

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Amy said...

I agree - I think Atticus is one of the best fathers ever written.