March 7, 2011

The Cloud Searchers

Amulet, vol. 3
by Kazu Kibuishi
ages: 10+
First sentence: "Luger."
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Picking up where we left off, our fearless crew, including Emily, her brother, mother, and assorted robots and guards are off to find the lost city of Cielis, in order to find the Guardian Council to help them overthrow the Elf king. Along the way, they pick up two elf renegades: one just happens to be the elf prince. Emily (and the rest) don't really trust them, but they also don't have a choice. And when darker forces come calling, it's probably a good thing to have all the help you can get.

This book is still just as lovely and as exciting as the first two, but I'm starting to forget the train of the story from one book to the next. Which really isn't Kibushi's fault; I'm terrible at remembering things. But, that said, I'm wondering if it wouldn't be wise to put off reading the rest of this (albeit great) series until the whole story is completed. Because, especially with this one, each book isn't telling it's own individual story, being rather a piece in the whole puzzle. And while the puzzle itself is intriguing, it's not going forward fast enough for my brain to retain the pieces.

Which means I'll have to get back to the series later.


contemplatrix said...

it is hard to wait for the next one on these. they are just so pretty, And the story is great. but you are right about trying to retain the pieces Kibuishi's fitting together.

nice post.


Melissa said...

They are incredibly pretty, aren't they? I just wish they'd come out faster!